Mentoring Programs at the YMCA help teens develop their character and realize their full potential. Character Development is the process for cultivating the values, attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors that prepare youth to thrive in learning, in work, and in life. Our mentors intentionally focus on these five areas when interacting with the teen mentees: emotion management, empathy, relationship building, responsibility, & personal development.

We work every day to help youth set and achieve their personal and educational goals. Through our leadership and mentoring programs, we make sure that every child has an opportunity to envision and pursue a positive future, and to take an active role in strengthening their community.

To learn more about mentoring programs please contact Director of Youth Achievement Daisy Moran 309-797-3945 or



Middle School Mentoring Program

Gain valuable life skills by getting out and involved in the Quad Cities community!

The Y Winners program meets once a week after school for new learning experiences that expand their perspective to new opportunities. Our mentors help students set goals to make decisions about their futures & expand their empathy to create socially responsible leaders.

Students are chosen with the help of school counselors. At the Y we understand youth face adversity & don’t always have accessibility to resources. The Y Winners program is funded completely by the generous support of our community. There is no cost to the participating families.

Y Winners is currently offered to students at Edison, Washington, Wilson, Glenview, & John Deere Middle schools.



High School Mentoring Program

Through this program youth are encouraged to recognize education as an essential foundation for success, have a noticeable change in attitude and behavior, set goals, and become leaders in the community with social responsibility. 

Y-solutions meets twice a week during school hours. Y Solutions provides a safe place for these students to develop character following the core values of emotion management, empathy, responsibility, relationship building & personal development.

Guidance counselors select underserved students who have the ability to become leaders.

Y Solutions is currently offered to students in Rock Island High School & United Township High School.



High School Leadership Development Program

Students immerse themselves in all aspects of Illinois government by assuming roles of legislators, attorneys, executive officials, lobbyists, press members and more.  The culmination of each program year is a 3 day conference in Springfield, IL where students debate issues using the actual Illinois Capitol and Supreme Court facilities.

2019/20 program dates:

  • Informational Meeting - Thursday, September 26th
  • Pre-Legislative Training - November 1st or 2nd
  • Pre-Legislative Training - December 6th or 7th
  • 71st Assembly in Springfield - February 28th - March 1st 



Leadership Program for ages 15-24

Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is a seven-month program, beginning November 2019, with extensive leadership training and volunteer opportunities through YMCA programs and services to the community. In addition to developing leadership skills, participants will earn a Leadership Certificate to include on college applications and job resumes.

Particpants will:

  • meet monthly for workshops and with their leadership coach
  • design their personal development plan
  • participate in 1 team project
  • participate in 1 community project
  • create their own personal interest project
  • create a leadership ePortfolio
  • earn a Leadership Certificate at the completion ceremony