American Red Cross Award Winners

Two Rivers YMCA Staff To Receive American Red Cross Award


Two lifeguard staffs, James Hinman (left) and Kevin O'Melia (right) from the Two Rivers YMCA will be receiving the Red Cross Lifesaver Award from the American Red Cross. 

On Saturday, March 9th, 2019, James Hinman and Kevin O'Melia rescued a member from the warm pool. Upon assessment they discovered no breath sounds or signs of a pulse so they performed CPR and retrieved an AED. After a brief time, the member came to and they then awaited the arrival of EMS. Hinman was the primary rescuer while O'Melia secured the AED and initiated the contact of emergency services. Both Hinman and O'Melia are students at East Moline Christian School. 

The Red Cross Lifesaver Award is given to recognize a lifesaving act performed by an individual who utilized skills learned through Red Cross health & safety training including CPR, first aid and/or AED skills to help someone in life-threatening situation. 

"The skills, professionalism, and diligence shown by these two young gentlemen really speaks to their character. Both of these young men completed their lifeguard certification here at the Two Rivers YMCA through our American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Course. I'm so proud of them for utilizing the skills they learned so well and for saving the life of that Y member", said Lesley Webster, Two Rivers YMCA Aquatics Director. 

Water safety is an important issue, and Quad City area children and adults are learning the life-long skill of swimming at the YMCA. 


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