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Employee Awards

Two Rivers YMCA Staff Recognition

Click here to download the nomination form. Submit the completed form to your supervisor or put it in the mailbox of Leonna Ellis or email it to

Luther Gulick Award – Awarded in March
Luther Gulick was a YMCA professional who conceptualized the Y Triangle (spirit, mind and body). He believed that the development of the whole person could best be achieved through proper training and development of spirit, mind and body. The Luther Gulick Award nominee should exhibit a balance of spirit, mind and body in their personal life and have a large impact in developing the whole person through their work at the YMCA. 

The Geraldine DiRodio Award - Awarded in May
This award is presented in honor of Geraldine DiRodio, a former employee of the Two Rivers YMCA. The nominee should exemplify the following qualities exhibited by Geraldine:

  • Her ability to see the positives and the challenges in what others see as negatives and roadblocks.
  • The way she focused on the “cans” rather than the “cant’s” and found great satisfaction in turning those cant’s into cans.
  • Her dependability, attention to detail, effective follow-through, and ability to work with others with grace and dignity.
  • Her smile, her upbeat personality, and her ability to make others feel good about themselves.
  • Her impatience with gossip, pettiness, self-pity, pretentiousness, and dishonesty.
  • The way she made such a positive impact on the lives of her program participants.
  • Her passion for making the world a better place for all of us, and for appreciating each day for the blessing that it is.

Excellence Award – Awarded in July
This award is presented to a YMCA employee who is a leader in promoting Christian values for members and constituents through excellence in programs, services and facilities. Their dedication to the Y mission results in a great track record of quality and member/participant satisfaction in their area. Timeliness, dependability and responsibility are words that best describe this person. 

Innovation Award – Awarded in September
This award is presented to a YMCA employee who is known for their “outside-the-box” thinking. They are always looking for new and exciting ways to better serve our members and program participants. This person must have offered at least one new innovation that enhanced Y programs and/or facilities within the last 12-months and was actively involved in its successful implementation. 

Rising Star Award – Awarded in Novmeber
For a new employee of the Two Rivers YMCA (16 months or less) who has already made a measureable impact through his or her energy, attitude, and effort.

Y Guru Award – Awarded in January
This award goes to an experienced Two Rivers YMCA employee who is dependable, knowledgeable, and has expertise in many areas. This is the person you can go to for advice, help, and insight. They have a consistently positivie attitude and represent the Y’s core values in all they do.

The Kudos Krew
This fun group of people get to present the award to the employee during their shift. If you have an interest in being part of the Krew, please contact Leonna Ellis.

Past Award Winners

Luther Gulick Excellence Innovation Geraldine DiRodio
Ashley Fawks 2016 Angie Ramirez 2016 Wendy Bonilla 2016 Pat Mosely 2016
Amy Kramer 2015 Liz Kiely 2016 Maureen Dittmar 2015 Breanne Anderson 2015
Constance King 2014 School Age Dept 2016 Renee Poust 2015 Barbara Langley 2014
Lisa O'Neill 2013 Sheli Williams 2015 Chelsey Bowermaster 2014 Don Payton 2013
Jennifer Taylor 2012 Jessica Tucker 2015 Amy Johnson 2013 Sarah Helderman 2011
Rose Rivera 2011 Deanna Young 2014 Mike Wennekamp 2012 Lisa Doyle 2010
Lori McKenzie 2010 Caroline Gunneman 2013   Hal Earl 2009
Marcia Green 2009 Raelynn Medina 2013   Carroll Farrow 2008
      June Riley 2007
      Betty Herzfeldt 2006
Rising Star Y Guru   Cecilia Bailey 2005
Richard Yerington 2016 Diana Krakovec 2017   Beth Franks 2004
Kelsey Smith 2016 Margaret Willet 2016   Marty Hines 2003