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All Y Quad Cities Junior Rowers are taught good sportsmanship and the YMCA’s four core character values; Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.  They are expected to demonstrate these values in every aspect of their life and in training and competition.  They are expected to be good students and maintain an appropriately balanced lifestyle between school, social life and training.  

Junior Rowers gain experience in managing their bodies with appropriate nourishment.  They learn how to listen to their bodies and proactively respond to important signs of fatigue or injury.  

Y Quad Cities participates in both regional and national events.  Some rowers earn the opportunity to travel internationally for competition.  During this time, our rowers are often exposed to diverse lifestyles and cultures at an early age.

New? Come in and try it out before officially joining!


Rowing is a sport like no other, a true challenge to the mind and body. At its best, rowing is all about individuals working in perfect rhythm to make their boat move amazingly fast. 

The Bass Street YMCA branch is home to our rowing programs and the Y Quad Cities Rowing team. Located downtown Moline right on the Sylvan Slough of the Mississippi River, this branch has some great views!



Learn to Row

Join the group for an introduction to the sport of rowing.  This month-long program will give you basic skills to move to the next level of our rowing program.  This program is designed for juniors and adults that want to learn how to row.  A swim test is required within the first week of the class to participate without a life jacket.

Student Learn to Row Sessions
Mondays Starting June 19th - August 14th
Time: 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Fees: $165/members or $330/community


Adult Learn to Row Sessions
Mondays Starting June 19th - July 17th
Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Fees: $130/members or $260/community



Master Rower 101

After completing Learn to Row you are ready to  become a Master Rower and a member of our rowing program!  Our Master Rower Liaison will help you continue your skill building and help you meet other rowers to make future rowing connections. Your rowing membership is renewed annually.  Must be 18 years and up.

Monthly Thursdays Sessions July and August
Time: 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Fees: $50/month Members only

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This team practices up to three times a week and is intended for kids just starting to row or who simply want to row for fun and fitness.

Emphasis is on rowing technique, boat handling, physical conditioning, teamwork and fun.  This level also serves as preparation for the Competitive and Elite teams for those interested.  

Although this level is not designed specifically for collegiate rowing preparation, Y Quad Cities has had graduates who row at this level and successfully walk-on for college clubs or teams after high school.

Program Fees: $118/month (Financial assistance available using calculator below)



This team practices up to six times a week and is intended for kids who desire to compete for Midwest and National Championships.  

The Competitive level includes rigorous training with emphasis on analytics and data.  Competitive rowers develop alongside other Elite athletes under experienced coaches who are directed by 5-time US Rowing Junior Coach of the Year and 1992 Olympian, Dr. Peter Sharis.  This level is necessary to master if interested in an invitation to participate on the Elite team.  

Y Quad Cities Competitive Junior Rowers are exposed to the national rowing scene and many are recruited to row at the collegiate level, often with Division I scholarship offers.  

Regional travel is necessary on weekends for regattas in the fall and spring, with the possibility of attending the National Championships in early summer.  Travel and regatta costs are not included in the base program fees.  

Program Fees: $313/month (Financial assistance available using calculator below)



This team practices up to nine times a week and is intended for kids who desire to represent Y Quad Cities as Elite rowers and Champions at the National and International level.  

Elite level training builds off of the intense work ethic developed during participation at the Competitive level.  Elite rowers work to fine tune every aspect of their training and competition down to the finest detail under the direct coaching of Olympian and 5-time US Rowing Junior Coach of the Year, Dr. Peter Sharis.  

Y Quad Cities Elite Junior Rowers are recognized by most in the national rowing scene, often challenge course records during competition and some earn the opportunity to represent the United States U19 National Rowing Team in international competition.  Elite Junior Rowers often entertain multiple Division 1 scholarship offers from prestigious colleges and universities across the country.  

Regional travel is necessary on weekends for regattas in the fall and spring, with national and international opportunities available to earn over summers.  Travel and regatta costs are not included in the base program fees. 

Schedule: Practice up to 9x a week

Base Price: $527/month (Financial assistance available using calculator below)



Y Quad Cities Rowing Colligate Rowing


Athletes from Y Quad Cities Rowing have gone on to row on the collegiate level all around the country.

California: Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine University, Stanford University, University of Southern California, University of California Berkeley
Connecticut: Yale University
Florida: Jacksonville University, Stetson University Sophie
llinois: Augustana College, Northwestern University
Indiana: Purdue University, University of Notre Dame
Iowa:  Drake, St. Ambrose University, University of Iowa
Kansas: Kansas State University, University of Kansas
Massachusetts: Boston University, Harvard University, Williams College
Michigan: University of Michigan
Minnesota: St. Thomas University
Naval Academy
Nebraska: Creighton University
New Hampshire: Dartmouth College
New Jersey: Princeton University, Rutgers College
New York: Cornell University
North Carolina: Davidson College, Duke University
Ohio: Marrietta College, Ohio State University
Oklahoma: University of Central Oklahoma, University of Tulsa
Pennsylvania: Bucknell University, Mercyhurst University, University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University
Tennessee: University of Tennessee
Texas: Rice University, South Methodist University
Virginia: University of Virginia
Washington: University of Washington
Washington D.C.: George Washington University, Georgetown University
Wisconsin: Marquette University, University of Wisconsin
United States Marine Corps


Youth Nationals

  • 2015 Women's 4x 6:52:898 

  • 2016 Women's 4x 6:57:568 

  • 2017 Women's 4x 6:42:726 

  • 2017 Women's 2x 7:36:693 

  • 2017 Women's 2x 7:45:231 (3rd Place)

  • 2018 Women's 4x 7:06:793 

  • 2018 Women's 2x 7:32:132

  • 2018 Men's 2x 6:57:857 (2nd Place)

  • 2018 Women's Ltwt 2x 7:53:795

  • 2019 Women's 2x 7:19:133

  • 2019 Women's 4x 6:44:357

  • 2021 Women's 4x 6:57:778

  • 2021 Women's 4x 7:02:470 (2nd Place)

Midwest Championships

  • Men's Varsity 2x: Gold

  • Women's Varsity 2x: Gold

  • 2018 Midwest Championships Women's JV 2x

  • 2018 Midwest Championships Men's JV 2x

  • Women's JV 4x: Gold

  • Women's Novice 2x: Gold

Head of the Hooch Championships

  • 2022 - Gold 🥇Men's u19 2x (N. Ramaraju, A. Anderson)

  • 2022 - Silver 🥈Women's u19 2x - (A. Mueller, E. Morley)

  • 2022 - Silver 🥈Women's u19 1x - (S. Ramaraju)

  • 2022 - Silver 🥈- Men's Y u15 1x - (G. Matlock)

  • 2022 - Bronze 🥉- (Women's u19 4x - A. Mueller, E. Morley, M. Fincham, S. Ramaraju)

  • 2019 Women's Junior 4x: Gold (C. Sharis, A. Phillips, T. English, G. Schermer)

  • 2019 Women's Junior 2x: Silver (C. Blunk, A. Phillips)

  • 2019 Women's 1x:Gold (C. Sharis);Bronze (A. Phillips)

  • 2019 Men's 1x:Bronze (J. English)

  • 2019 Men's 2x:Bronze (J. English, W. Sharis)

Head of the Charles

  • Women's Youth 2x

  • Women's Jr. 2x: Gold (A. Philips, C. Sharis)

Club Nationals

  • Women's U17 2x: Gold

  • Women's U17 4x: Gold

  • Women's Int. 2x: Silver

  • Women's Int. Lwt 2x: Bronze

  • Women's U19 1x: Gold

  • Women's U19 2x: Gold

  • 2016 Men's Senior 4x: Gold

  • 2016 Women's Int. Lwt 4x-Gold

  • Women's Open 1x Dash: Gold (C. Blunk)

International Championships

  • Royal Canadian Henley Women's U19 2x: Gold

  • Royal Canadian Henley Women's U23 2x: Gold

  • 2018 Henley Royal Regatta DIAMOND JUBILEE CÜP CHAMPIONS, Course Record