Whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds, complete a triathlon, or just get healthier, our nationally certified personal trainers have the knowledge and skills to help you reach your goals. Let us tailor a program to your specific needs, wants, and goals and provide the coaching and motivation you need to help you succeed.


Individual Personal Training

4 [45 Minute] Sessions: $159

8 [45 Minute] Sessions: $259

12 [45 Minute] Sessions: $359


Partner Personal Training

4 [45 Minute] Sessions: $115 / partner

8 [45 Minute] Sessions: $150 / partner

12 [45 Minute] Sessions: $185 / partner

Smart Start - Free!

Meet with a trainer to determine the best next step in your wellness journey. In two complimentary sessions, a personal trainer will help you maximize your results and customize a workout designed to help you meet your specific fitness goals. Available to Two Rivers YMCA members. To schedule your free personal training consultation, visit the membership desk.

InBody Body Composition Testing

Go Beyond the scale with InBody

InBody provides a quick and easy, non-invasive, body analysis report. An InBody assessment helps individuals understand how exercise, diet, and lifestyle are influencing body make-up and aids in developing a wellness plan to meet goals. Your InBody report includes: basal metabolic rate, body mass index, lean body mass, skeletal muscle mass, segmental lean analysis, body fat mass, dry lean mass, total body water, and weight. All for just $10!


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