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QC Youth Advisory Council

​The new Quad City Youth Advisory Council is ready to make change in our community! It was founded earlier this year by students Carlos Martinez-Concha (United Township High School), Kamara Sakho (Rock Island High School), and Omnia Salih (United Township High School).

Drawing inspiration from programs they had been involved in such as the Two Rivers YMCA Youth & Government program, Student Government, and other young women in business programs at their respective high schools, these driven youth wanted to do more.

A Youth Advisory Council is a body of young people that works alongside one or more governmental officials, institutions, or organizations to advise on issues of public policy or administrative actions which are felt to directly affect young people. The YAC students also voice their opinions on anything that affects the city and community. 

They plan to increase the group’s size and add up to 15 members to the council. They will use their collective voice to increase youth involvement in the Quad Cities and amplify young voices. They will be involved in politics, community involvement, advocating, giving teens a sense of leadership and helping make choices for their future. They also want to spread information about resources available to youth in the community as well as speaking at city council, school board, and other relevant meetings.

This ambitious group wants to encourage young adults to vote in all elections, attend Board of Education meetings to have a say in the future of the education system, improve the quality and safety of their community, and provide resources and free products to those in their community. 


The Y’s Youth Achievement & Community Engagement Director, Daisy Moran, is serving in an advisor capacity for the QCYAC to help guide them in their community involvement. 


We look forward to seeing what these young leaders can accomplish! You can follow what they are doing here:



QC Youth Advisory Council Mission statement:

The QCYAC’s is a diverse, youth-led group that displays leadership, engages in political issues regarding their community, promotes change, and raises awareness about community issues.