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Members of the Y Quad Cities Rowing Association traveled to Iowa city over the weekend of February 8 to compete at the Iowa Indoor Rowing Challenge. This is an indoor race using concept 2 ergometers. This was the team’s first race of the season.


The Junior women took all top five places in the Openweight Junior Women’s 2k event. Taylor English took first with a time of 6:56.90, Delaney Evans took second with 7:17.20 and Elizabeth Tessen came in third place with a personal best time of 7:26.30. Fourth and fifth places were claimed by Emma Mask and Brenna Morley.


The Junior women also dominated the Lightweight division taking the top four places. Isabella Milletich won with a time of 7:45.30 and Christina Li took second with a personal best of 7:49.30. Sophia Ramaraju also completed with a personal best time of 8:11.60 winning third place. Amulya Pillutla took fourth with 8:12.50.


The men performed well bringing home first and second place medals in the Men’s Junior Heavyweight division. Christopher Cumberbatch won with a time of 6:35.50 and Tristan Wakefield took second with a personal best time of 6:40.80.


The men also claimed second and third place in the Junior lightweight division. Both Keval Wagher (first place) and Nikhil Ramaraju (second place) finished with personal best times at 6:56.50 and 6:59.10, respectively.


Keira Weber (8) and Riya Wagher (9) participated in the Youth 3 minutes exhibition representing the Y Quad Cities. Keira completed 463 meters and Riya covered 526 meters.


Doug Rathburn, the long Y Quad Cities Masters rower to participate at this event placed 9th with a time of 9:01.70 in the 2000m Masters 2k.


The next event for the Y Quad Cities rowers will be the Quad Cities Erg Showdown on March 1st at Rivermont Collegiate Academy.

Locations: Bass Street YMCA
Category: Y News