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Kendra Lamb - 2021 HIIT Challenge champion

The 1st annual, 2021 HIIT Challenge was a success.
Over 50 people joined the challenge and every single one of them improved their endurance and form!

The winner of the challenge is decided based on the difference of reps on the post-assessment from their pre-assessment as well as loss of body fat percentage.

Kendra Lamb, winner of the 2021 HIIT Challenge, accomplished all of the following in just 6 weeks: 

  • Lost 2.3% body fat
  • Increased push ups by 10 reps
  • Increased burpees by 4 reps
  • Increased squats by 9 reps
  • Increased lateral leaps by 9 reps


We look forward to repeating this challenge annually and seeing more success in wellness journey of our members.

For more details on the HIIT Challenge, visit:




Hear from Kari Wood, a participant of the 2021 HIIT Challenge.


I accepted the HIIT Challenge with Steffani because I was to a point where I knew I needed some added accountability and guidance when it came to my workouts. Personally, I was not being dedicated & seemed to give up easily on myself...consistency had gone out the window for me. A lot of added stress had taken over in my life for various reasons. From past experience, I knew that working out definitely has helped keep my anxiety under control. Anxiety was starting to take hold of me again--I could tell my mental & emotional health was starting to suffer. Physically, I also knew I had lost a lot of my muscle & endurance I gained from the past, so I thought this challenge would encourage me to slowly but surely get my strength back.

In full transparency, the challenge did not start off great! I signed up --- and then we took our three kids on a two week summer vacation! Lol! However, the challenge was in the back of my mind, even though I didn't get the type of HIIT workouts in that I wanted to. When I got back into town, I started getting to more group exercises because I had that accountability knowing I was a part of this challenge! I saw Steffani posting about it regularly in the app, so those were great reminders to do something that day...even when I didn't feel like it!

I started off slowly -- going to about 2 Les Mills classes per week. I struggled getting through them at first! However, after a couple weeks in, I could tell I was getting a little stronger each time & upped it to 3 classes per week! Seeing many familiar, smiling faces each week in my group classes really helped motivate me to want to keep coming back! I can tell that I thrive in group exercise -- I love the social part as well as just having an instructor tell me what to do workout-wise! :) It made me realize that it is crucial for me to find workouts/exercises I really ENJOY because it keeps me coming back for more!

On the morning of my post-assessment, I actually surprised myself! Did I lose a lot of weight? Nope. However, I beat my reps in all four of the exercises by quite a bit! My strength/endurance had clearly improved! In that moment of realization, I gave myself immediate grace and felt proud of those steps in the right direction for my health. (Plus, I know the scale is just a number...just another tool used to assess my health...I am more focused on wanting to FEEL better and gain more energy, endurance, & strength) Getting back into regular workouts have been excellent for my overall well-being...mentally, emotionally, & physically! 

I am a past participant in the Livestrong Program and now have the honor of being my dad's support person for the current Livestrong session! Ending on a strong note with Steffani's HIIT challenge guided me right into the 12 week Livestrong program...I feel so much more focused to remain consistent & push myself a little more each week! I plan to do another post-assessment after Livestrong is over with to see my progress!

I would recommend the HIIT Challenge to anyone I know. Steffani and ALL of the YMCA staff are nothing but positive, uplifting, & dedicated to helping you live a healthier & happier lifestyle. I feel blessed to be a part of the YMCA and all that they have to offer. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this challenge!