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Tumbling & Dance

YMCA Tumbling & Dance

Tumbling & Dance classes help your child develop character, confidence and coordination while increasing strength, balance and body/space awareness. Your child grow in creativity, imagination and social development while increasing balance, flexibility and strength. 

Tumbling Level 1:  Ages 2-3 Years
This is a class designed to teach tumbling with the help of an adult partner. One adult for every two children is required to help instructor encourage the participants to be engaged in the basic movements of tumbling. They will use games and music to keep the activities fun and flexible!

Tumbling Level 2:  Ages 3-5 Years
The curriculum is based on developmental concepts for beginning tumblers. The moves and concepts will be basic. The instructors will teach to the skill level of the participants.

Tumbling Level 3:  Ages 6 and up - Developmental
The profession continues with this group. Instructors will begin to introduce more complex concepts and challenge tumblers to improve their basic skills. Instructors will refer participants to this class.

Tumbling Level 4:  Ages 6 and up - Intermediate
The tumblers in this class have a good knowledge and skill level to move on to the next level where instructor will challenge them individually to learn and grow. Instructors will refer participants to this class.

Tumbling Level 5:  Ages 8 and up - Advanced
All previous levels must be completed and instructors will refer tumblers to this level. This is a combination of all of the skills learned and the ability to do them well. The instructors will use gymnastic equipment to continue the progression.

Share your spirit! Cheers, chants, jumps, stunts and tumbling with an emphasis on teamwork. The squads will share their spirit while cheering for YMCA Sports teams. 

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